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Intelliflo is a leading provider of administration software to IFAs. There was a need to accelerate their top-line growth and, in particular, to improve their lead generation, online. We worked with them to implement a programme of inbound marketing, designed to dramatically improve their top-line growth.

Inbound marketing (when you use content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimisation to draw customers to your products and services) and, in particular marketing automation, can transform your lead generation and enquiry conversion rates. Although Intelliflo’s brand was strong, with good general conversion rates, they hadn’t tried any inbound marketing, up until this point. We wanted to change that.

Working with the Chief Marketing Officer, and wider marketing team, we helped them to implement Hubspot, a leading marketing automation tool and engine for content creation. They also revamped their website and established a ‘content creation factory’ as well as a new lead scoring and nurturing process.

The results were dramatic. Over the first year inbound marketing generated an additional 84 opportunities, with a win rate of 30%. This resulted in £362k LTV being added, and implies a marketing ROI of 1.38x. Inbound marketing is now one of the key lead generation channels for Intelliflo, contributing 25% of the total.

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