Nic Humphries discusses Visma on Business Breakdowns

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Nic Humphries, Senior Partner at Hg, joins Zack Fuss of the Business Breakdowns podcast to discuss the business history, growth and recent leadership transition at long-time partner Visma.

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From Business Breakdowns

Today we are breaking down the largest privately-owned software business in Europe, Visma. Visma is a software company with over 15,000 employees offering accounting, payroll, and HR software products for customers across the Nordic, Benelux, and Baltic regions. Founded in Oslo in 1996, Visma grew organically and via acquisition of 178 companies.

We're joined by Nic Humphries, the Senior Partner and Executive Chairman of Hg, which is one of the leading software investors in Europe. Nic is intimately familiar with Visma, given Hg owns over 50% of the business and has been invested for over 17 years. Hg initially invested as part of a take-private transaction in 2006 at just a $450 million valuation and based upon the latest recap completed in December, today, the business is valued at over $21 billion.

As part of this conversation, we discussed the business history, growth, and recent leadership transition. Please enjoy this breakdown of Visma.

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