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In October 2020, Hg hosted a virtual forum for Chief HR Officers from across over 30 Hg portfolio businesses. Over 65 CHROs and Talent leaders participated in the forum, looking to share knowledge and hear from experts about the future of the CHRO.

For years, the CHRO has been encouraged to demand a ‘seat at the leadership table’. Being more business-minded, with focus on hard financial metrics, was generally accepted as a key to unlock this.  COVID-19 has thrown this cliché on its head. Almost overnight, deeper firm values such as purpose, social justice, health & wellbeing and culture are now demanded as a priority by every business – with many turning to the CHRO to lead the way for the business.

Three of the forum’s participants reflected this subject – discussing with Hg’s Head of Portfolio Talent, Elizabeth Wallace. They describe how the last few months have catalysed a rapid evolution of the CHRO, promoting the elevation of the employee experience across their businesses.

Colleen Schlagel , Chief Talent Officer at Sovos, Claire John, CHRO at Allocate and Claire Scott, Chief People Officer at the Access Group, discuss.

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