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Why Hg has partnered with LGBT Great

LGBT Great is a global membership organisation specialising in developing LGBT+ diversity and inclusion within the investment and savings industry.

LGBT Great run a programme that works by developing innovative insights, visibility and outreach initiatives across the financial service industry, measuring progress with its LGBT+ benchmarking tool called the iiBT.

As part of the Hg D&I Steering Group’s initiative to create and ensure a truly inclusive workplace at Hg, we partnered with LGBT Great, as experts in their field of inclusivity. With a focus on the LGBTQ+ community, LGBT Great advises, educates and helps steer LGBTQ+ policies and initiatives . With their wealth of knowledge and research now at our disposal, Hg can ensure our policies are up to date and fully LGBTQ+ inclusive.

We can also start driving specific initiatives and educational events to promote, maintain and champion a culture that anyone that identifies as part as the LGBTQ+ community can belong to – encouraging them to bring their whole and true self to work.

Hg partnered with LGBT Great in 2020. Since then we’ve contributed to various LGBT+ research initiatives and we have supported many LGBT+ focussed charities including AKT and Just Like Us. We have many further initiatives planned for the near future including an educational webinar on trans and gender nonconforming inclusion this month.

This is all connected to Hg’s belief that cultural, ethnic, gender, educational and other differences all contribute to our individual thinking and experiences. These differences manifest in how we navigate the business world, including complex investment decisions. At Hg we have seen first-hand how a commitment to D&I creates a virtuous cycle: the more inclusive and welcoming we are to difference, the more each individual is able to add value. That, in turn, translates to a greater impact for all our stakeholders – Hg investors, our portfolio companies, employees and the communities where we work and live.

Photo by Teddy Österblom on Unsplash

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