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Linkubator is a series of podcasts from the global law firm, Linklaters, on the hottest topics in the legal technology and innovation space.

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In this episode (recorded in November 2019), Hamza Zaveri interviews Linklaters’ COO, Matt Peers, alongside our own Ben Meyer.

They discuss what makes the Legal Tech sector so attractive from an investor perspective, whether the proliferation of companies and rising investments in the space are creating a bubble, and they delve into Hg’s investments into Litera Microsystems, Workshare Transact and Doxly. They also discuss new technology platforms, what kind of technologies Linklaters is looking at and the advent of law firms as tech producers.

"Innovation, in terms of these businesses being started up, shows that there are still continued amounts of pain points that law firm CTOs or CIOs are looking to solve. And there are a lot of creative people, a lot of innovation going on to be able to solve and tackle those problems."

Ben Meyer

Partner at Hg

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