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Following on from discussing the healthcare “Mid-Office Revolution”, in this insight, Hg’s Philippe Houssiau and David Issott reflect on the ever more impactful role that technology is taking in enabling sustainable global healthcare systems.

Breaking Down Silos

A disproportionate focus on ‘vertical’ investment in traditional silos, whilst digitally relevant, has led to an even higher degree of sub-optimisation in the delivery of affordable care and wellbeing.

Ven diagram with five circles each slightly overlapping two others. Each containing one heading. Headings in clockwise order People, Primary, Acute, Social, Care

The time has come for technology to enable people, data, assets and care professionals to be visibly and meaningfully deployed across the continuum of care.

Technology investment can offer this solution, but only when applied ‘longitudinally’ across silos.

A Model Healthcare IT System

A refocus on longitudinal investment, in ‘Systems of Insight’ and ‘Systems of Engagement’, stretching across healthcare silos, will enable providers & policy makers to deliver more targeted and, therefore, more efficient care.

Bending the curve

The development and provision of care, supported by longitudinal investment across care settings, will allow the ‘bending of the curve’ (see image), maintaining people in the pre-clinical stages of their lives for as long and as healthily as possible.

The Cost vs Care Curve

Graph showing how tech-enabled preventative care can save a significant amount of money compared to traditional hospital care

This higher level of investment, into care coordination, predictive analytics and chronic disease management, will tackle the real challenges of healthcare faced by the current generation.

Overall, this new level of investment, will help the redirection of focus from operational cost savings, to a more meaningful focus on cost avoidance.

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