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What AI has done for Hg

In this episode of NextWave Private Equity, Nic Humphries, Senior Partner and Executive Chairman of Hg, joins Winna Brown to explore how Hg’s philosophy of curiosity and experimentation has enabled it to become one of the most active technology investors in the world.

As an early adopter of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and analytics, Hg has embraced an investment and organizational philosophy of curiosity and experimentation that has enabled it to become one of the most active technology investors in the world.

From Generalist to Sector Specialist

In Dry Powder, Hugh MacArthur, head of Bain’s global private equity practice, interviews leading experts on the trends and opportunities that will redefine the private equity industry.

In their latest episode, Hg’s own Nic Humphries describes how Hg drilled down from industry to sector to subsector, and discovered its “sweet spot” for investing.

And in part two, Nic Humphries discusses how how Hg applies its tech savvy in-house, as deal teams incorporate advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning into just about every facet of their investment strategy.

Europe’s Leading Software Investor

RJ Lumba’s podcast, GrowthCap Insights, has been running since 2017 during which time he has interviewed many influential figures in the worlds of business, technology, and growth investing.

So it’s only right that he tracked down Hg’s own Senior Partner, Nic Humphries, to chat about his start in the world of technology investing, the early days of software, his own approach and how that is born out through Hg itself.

“When I was fortunate enough to arrive at Hg and have the support of prior partners, I was able to take that decades’ worth of experience and frankly work through where we’ve made mistakes and try and figure out how we could avoid making those mistakes again. We found we were able to generate superior returns, but with lower levels of volatility … and candidly, when you present that to clients ... they like that.”

Nic Humphries

Senior Partner, Hg

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