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Allocate is a leading provider of complex workforce and risk management software for healthcare and other regulated industries. Unable to measure customer adoption and ROI consistently, we explained ‘customer success’ thinking and encouraged them to adopt a ‘maturity score’, for both internal and customer use, to track ‘customer success’ and demonstrate value.

Allocate was struggling to measure whether customers were using its software properly and deriving the associated benefits for their operations. With Lord Carter’s review of operational productivity in NHS hospitals, providers, such as Allocate, were challenged to demonstrate return on investment.

As a result of our sharing our ‘customer success’ focused approach, and best practice, in meetings and our Forums, they were able to develop an ‘Adoption & Usage Maturity Score’.   This combined 15 operational metrics into one monthly score per customer. An example of this is the eRostering Maturity Index (eRMI), which measures the degree to which eRostering has been rolled out across customer sites, whether it is being used properly to link flexible and substantive resources together, the degree to which patient needs are met, and staff adoption.

What sets this solution apart is the value it adds to Allocate’s customers. Individual scores are communicated to customers on a monthly basis and benchmarks are provided to measure relative performance vs. peers. As a result NHS customers have embraced the eRMI score concept, and use it to drive internal dialogue, including at Board level. Within Allocate, this scoring system has supported growth in cross- and up-selling of software, with customer success teams being incentivised on the basis of this score.

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