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Embedding Customer Success capabilities into the foundations of your software or service improves user experience, reduces cost and makes cross- and up-selling a smooth and natural process for your customers.

Joachim Kiefer, Hg’s Head of Customer Success, suggests four questions that everyone should ask when considering their product and proposition:

  • What is the real value that your customer derives from your product?
  • What data do you need to best judge the value your customers are getting and can you extract it?
  • Is your product designed to help your customer get the value they need quickly and easily?
  • Is the Customer Success feedback loop built directly into your technology?

"Provisioning, implementation, customer support, billing, up-selling, cross-selling, customer operations: if you built the perfect product, would you need any of them?"

Joachim Kiefer

Head of Customer Success, Hg

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