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Filmed at our CTO Forum at the start of the year, Hg’s Head of Portfolio Technology, Jason Richards, and Visma‘s Chief Cloud Architect, T. Alexander Lystad compare notes on the software industry’s rush to Software as a Service (‘SaaS’) transition.

The gap between pseudo-SaaS and true SaaS is broad and and the journey begins with self-knowledge and a customer mind-set. A switch in technology is just the start, every aspect of the business must be adapted to this new style to ensure that the full benefits can be harvested.

Photo by kyler trautner on Unsplash

"Foundational to any kind of transformation to SaaS is "why". What are you going to be able to do that's going to benefit the customer... Be crystal-clear on what you are trying to achieve and then make sure you've got the right level of understanding, planning and commitment to execute on it."

Jason Richards

Head of Portfolio Technology

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