Søren Holt

Member of the Genesis Team


Soren is a member of the Genesis Team. He leads Hg’s coverage of the Nordic region and has a wider focus on ERP & Payroll software in Europe.


Soren joined Hg in 2015 following 3 years in Management Consulting at Kearney. He has been involved in a number of Hg’s investments, including Dext, Trackunit, Geomatikk, itm8, Access Group, IRIS, Visma, Zitcom, Raet and Foundry. He currently sits on the board of Dext and Trackunit.

Opportunities for the future

“I am deeply passionate about productivity and technology, and for me the two go hand-in-hand. We invest in businesses that enable industry-wide productivity increases to benefit society as a whole. ERP software is a field which helps eliminate mundane tasks such as manual keying in of data, and ultimately “turbo charge” people involved in finance & operations to deliver more effective and efficient outcomes.”