Søren Holt
Member of Hg's Genesis Team

Søren is a member of the mid-market Genesis team and focuses on investments in software and services, notably accounting, tax and other ERP software.  He was involved in the re-investment in Visma and sits on the board. His other investments at Hg include Trackunit, Geomatikk, Access Group, IRIS, Zitcom, Raet and Foundry.

Søren joined Hg in 2015 with three years of management consulting experience in A.T. Kearney in Denmark & Germany, where he worked on a range of strategy projects, primarily for private equity clients.

Søren is from Denmark and has a B.Sc. in International Business and a M.Sc. in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School.

Søren's Insights

Advanced Automation: AI and its application in the world of Tax & Accounting