Mathijs De Bruijn
Member of Hg's Client Services Team

Mathijs is a member of the Client Services team with responsibilities on the client side (fundraising and investor relations across Europe, US and Israel), the investment side (co-investments, fund management and select support on individual deals), and the Hg operations side (firm-wide business strategy and internal operations).

Since joining Hg in 2014, Mathijs has worked on six Hg fundraises: Genesis 8, Genesis 9, Mercury 2, Mercury 3, Saturn 1 and Saturn 2 – a combined $18 billion.

Before Hg, Mathijs worked for the investment team at Hamilton Lane, investing in private equity funds (buyout, infrastructure, real estate and credit).

Dutch by origin, Mathijs moved to the U.S. in 2008 where he double-majored in Economics and Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia, after which he moved to London where he has worked and lived since 2012.