Markus Reithwiesner
Industry Advisor

Markus has over 30 years of management expertise and works as an industry advisor in the areas of ERP, Accounting, Tax and Payroll for Hg.

He is passionate about customer-centric technology and how to change corporate culture and organizations to enable companies to successfully compete in a digital future.

Prior to Hg, Markus transformed the German family owned Haufe Group from a traditional paper based leaflet special interest publisher into a digital software, cloud services and training company, growing revenues by 10x. As the Group CEO he was over 20 years responsible for strategy, business execution and technology. Markus has experience competing in the B2B prosumer space as well as winning and serving corporate customers like Daimler, Nike and Swisscom.

Markus studied Business at the Nuremberg University, speaks fluently English and German. Prior to Haufe Group Markus worked on a director level for Intuit and in the German IT distribution industry. Today he also serves on the board of Medifox and some German hidden champions in the manufacturing and industry automation sector helping them with strategy and digital transformation.