Hector Guinness
Partner at Hg

Hector is based in the New York office and focuses on software investments across the US, specifically within the legal, compliance and healthcare markets.

He joined Hg in 2012 and sits on the boards of Litera, Intelerad, HHAeXchange, and Brightpay. He has been involved with investments including Litera, HHAeXchange, Allocate, Intelerad, Evaluate, Trace One, Eucon, STP, Commify, Brightpay, and over 20 add on acquisitions including Ambra, Kira, Docscorp, Workshare.

Hector joined Hg from Bain & Company, where he spent three years in London and Mumbai. He graduated from the University of Oxford with a first class honours degree in Biological Science, and is a board member of the Lumind Foundation.