Benedikt Joeris
Software and Services Investments at Hg

Benedikt joined Hg in 2011 and focuses on the software and services space in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. He covers the Mercury fund for those regions and is currently a board director at GGW, F24, AUVESY and Medifox.

Benedikt has been involved in the Hg investments into AUVESY, GGW, F24, Medifox, Eucon, Mobility Holding, Raet, P&I, QUNDIS, Teufel, Schleich and SimonsVoss.

Prior to Hg, Benedikt worked in the Investment Banking division of Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he focused on M&A and corporate finance.

Benedikt is from Germany and studied at the European Business School (EBS) in Oestrich-Winkel and the University of Hong Kong.