Andrew Sukawaty
Chairman of Hg's New York Office

Andy Sukawaty is the Chairman of Hg’s New York office.

He is also the Chairman at Inmarsat PLC (LSE) where he had previously been both Chairman and CEO between 2003 and 2012. He led the company through its privatisation and subsequent listing on the London Stock Exchange. During this period, Inmarsat launched new services on the back of the launch of a new global constellation of satellites and grew its revenues and profits dramatically. Andy is also currently a Director at RELX PLC.

He has over thirty years’ experience in the communications services arena including telephone, wireless, Cable TV and satellite.

He is a pioneer in mobile communications; involved in launching some of the first cellular mobile phone systems in the early 80s in the US. He then crossed the Atlantic to start a UK mobile operator (which became T-Mobile UK). He went on to run NTL Ltd in the UK and in 1996 returned to the US to start up the US national mobile phone operator, Sprint PCS. After four years in which the company established the leading growth position in the US wireless industry he left to enter the Cable TV industry in Europe.

He has held various non-executive director roles including the Deputy Chairman of O2, Powerwave Technologies and others. He is the former Chairman of Xyratex (NASDAQ) and Ziggo (Euronext). He became an Independent Non-Executive Director of Sky (LSE) in June 2013 and in April 2016 he became the Senior Independent Director, staying in the position until his resignation in October 2018.

Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota (MBA) and the University of Wisconsin (BBA).