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£10bn funds under management

Based in London, Munich and New York, Hg employs professionals representing over 20 different nationalities, together managing around £10 billion of funds for some of the world’s leading institutional and private investors. Hg has an impressive and consistent track record, generating strong returns across market cycles and has built on this success by staying innovative, striving to constantly improve and evolve the firm.

9/20 We co-led 9 out of the top 20 European software buyouts of all time

It has never been a more exciting time to be part of Hg. The firm now invests across three different strategies, looking at deals ranging between £20 million to over £3 billion in size, broadening our opportunity set of potential investments and adding to the scale and reach of our network within technology, whilst maintaining our distinctive focus. This has led to high level of investment activity and since the start of 2017 Hg has seen 20 realisations and 12 investments.

>40% average IRR. Over 2x MOIC in our software investments since we began in 2000

All of us at Hg have a few things in common. We’re ambitious, entrepreneurial, collaborative and dedicated. Responsibility is given at all levels across the firm – those that perform well are rewarded with recognition and the chance for further development to progress their careers further and participate fully in the future success of the firm. A diverse workplace with engaged and motivated employees is vital for growth and business success. Hg supports gender diversity across its portfolio and across the firm. We are a supporter of Level 20, a not for profit organisation aligned around a common vision to inspire more women in the industry. In 2018, Hg Senior Partner Nic Humphries joined Level 20’s Advisory Council, alongside other senior men and women from the Private Equity industry.


If you think you can make a difference at Hg and the businesses we invest in, if you have good ideas and are open to challenge to make them better, if you can do all this and get along with some pretty extraordinary people, then you will be demonstrating all the ingredients for success at Hg.

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