The Firm

HgCapital comprises two FCA authorised entities:

HgCapital LLP (FRN 478870), which is the top corporate entity in the HgCapital group, owned by its partners; and its wholly owned subsidiary Hg Pooled Management Limited (FRN 122466).

Hg Pooled Management Limited manages all funds.


Hg has a Board whose principal duties include monitoring the business and its performance and ensuring that the business has a clear and defined strategy, ensuring the business has effective leadership and management in all areas and at all times, and ensuring that the business provides a service and delivers investment performance that exceeds client expectations.

The Executive Leadership Team, acting in consultation with the Operating Committee, is responsible for day-to-day operational leadership of the business, including:

  • implementation of effective internal systems relating to investments, client services, sales and marketing, financial and regulatory compliance controls;
  • preparing annual budget and business planning processes;
  • oversight of recruitment; and
  • implementation and management of business rules, policies and procedures.

The heads of the three fund teams, portfolio team, client services team, finance, HR and legal teams report to the Board.

There is an investment committee for each fund and an overall realisation committee.  The Board appoints the chairperson for each investment committee and the realisation committee.  Each chairperson then appoints the other committee members.  The investment committee for each fund has the primary responsibility for all investment decisions and the realisation committee has the primary responsibility for all divestment decisions.   There is also a conflicts committee comprising the Senior Partner, the Head of Client Services and the General Counsel to deal with any conflicts of interest that may arise.

Portfolio Companies

A description of our portfolio companies can be found here.

HgCapital is committed to conforming with the Guidelines for Disclosure and Transparency in Private Equity published by Sir David Walker in 2007 (the “Walker Guidelines”).

All of the information required to be disclosed under the Walker Guidelines, and more, can be found either here or elsewhere on our website.