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Facts and figures about Hg as at 30 November 2020.

Europe’s largest investor in software & services

c. $12 billion of software and services proceeds returned at 2.9x / 34% IRR.

25+ years of investing

c.200 employees across London, Munich & New York

150+ total no. investments

$60bn+ aggregate EV (as at 31 December 2020 PF)

$30bn+ funds under management (as at 30 June 2020)

AA++ 2019 and 2020 UNPRI rating

Combined portfolio represents 2nd largest tech firm in Europe, with the fastest growth

$6.4bn total revenue of our companies

30+ platform investments

35k+ portfolio employees

+4% no. of employees across the portfolio

+22% revenue growth across the portfolio*

+29% EBITDA growth across the portfolio*

*Top 20 investments – Last 12 months as at 30 September 2020   

2020 investment activity

$34bn total deal EV**

15 new platform investments

** Includes all transactions

Last 10 yrs investment activity

$64bn+ total platform deal EV

67 platform investments across software & services

The most active European technology PE investor in 2019

Pitchbook 2019 Annual Global League Tables

2020 investment activity

(Publicly disclosed transactions only as at 30 November 2020)

Access (ERP & Payroll, UK)

Investments: Mintsoft Ltd, Core HR, Webroster, DPS Software, eLearning For You, Eclipse Legal Systems, Unleashed Software, Access (platform deal).

Allocate Software (Healthcare IT, UK)

Investments: Selenity.

Argus Media (Capital Markets & Wealth Management IT, UK)

Investments: Argus Media (platform deal), Agritel.

The Citation Group (Legal and Compliance, UK)

Investments: The Citation Group (platform deal), The Xact Group.

Commify (Tech Services, UK)

Investments: 2SMS.

Evaluate (Healthcare IT, UK)

Investments: Evaluate (platform deal), Black Swan Analysis.

F24 (Tech Services, Germany)

Investments: F24 (platform deal).

Howden (Insurance, UK)

Investments: Howden (platform deal), A-Plan Group, Safeonline.

Intelerad (Healthcare IT, Canada)

Investments: Intelerad (platform deal), Radius.

IRIS (Tax & Accounting, UK)

Investments: iSAMS.

IT Relation (Tech Services, Nordics)

Investments: Scott / Tiger, C2IT.

Litera (Legal and Compliance, Us)

Investments: Bestpractix, Best Authority / Levit & James

Medifox (Healthcare IT, Germany)

Investments: DAN Produkte.

Mitratech (Legal & Compliance, USA)

Investments: CMPG Risk Solutions, ClusterSeven Ltd, Tracker Corp, Acuity ELM, INSZoom.

P&I (ERP & Payroll, Germany)

Investments: P&I (platform deal), OP&V GmbH.

Silverfin (Capital Markets & Wealth Management IT, Benelux)

Investments: Silverfin (platform deal).

SmartTrade (Fintech, France)

Investments: smartTrade (platform deal).

Sovos (Tax & Accounting, USA)

Investments: Sovos (platform deal), Taxweb, Accordance, Keane. (Tech Services, Benelux, Nordics, Southern Europe)

Investments: Natro, SuperHosting.

Transporeon (ERP & Payroll, Germany)

Investments: Sixfold, Mercareon GmbH, ControlPay.

Visma (Tax & Accounting, Nordics, Benelux, Poland)

Investments: Visma (platform deal), Visionplanner, Zetech, Framsikt, Nmbers, Conceptos, Specter, Fenistra, Draftit AB, Intradata, 1st Web,, FirstAgenda, Onguard, Yuki, Codegarden, Cash Software, DomaCare, Jumis Pro, Paybyway, Ditmer.   

A decade of software and services transactions (as at 30 November 2020)

2020* ($34bn total EV)

Intelerad / smartTrade / Argus / P&I / Silverfin / F24 / Evaluate / Sovos / Visma / The Citation Group / Septeo / Howden / CaseWare / GenII

2019 ($8bn total EV)

Transporeon / Litera / Visma /

2018 ($4.3bn total EV)

Access / IT Relation / Allocate / IRIS / Medifox / Rhapsody / FE

2017 ($7.1bn total EV)

fundinfo / Mitratech / Visma / Register (exited 2019) / Mobility Holding

2016 ($2.7bn total EV)

Kinapse (exited 2018) / Sovos / Citation / Trace One / raet (exited 2018) / STP / Commify / CogitalGroup / Evaluate

2015 ($1.0bn total EV)

A-Plan / Foundry (exited 2019) / Eucon / EidosMedia / Zitcom (exited 2017)

2014 ($4.0bn total EV)

Relay Software (exited 2016) / Ullink (exited 2017) / Sequel (exited 2017) / Visma / Allocate (exited 2018)

2013 ($1.5bn total EV)

e-conomic (exited 2017) / Radius (exited 2018) / Intelliflo (exited 2018) / Zenith (exited 2017) / P&I (exited 2016)

2012 ($300m total EV)

Noventic (exited 2017) / Parts Alliance (exited 2017) / Valueworks (exited 2017)

2011 ($1.3bn total EV)

ATC (exited 2013) / NetNames (exited 2016) / IRIS (exited 2018) / CSH (exited 2013)

2010 ($1.5bn total EV)

JLA (exited 2018) / Lumesse (exited 2018) / SimonsVoss (exited 2015) / Manx Telecom (exited 2014) / TeamSystem (exited 2016)

Includes all investments | 2019 EV include Visma follow-on. 2020 EV include Visma, Access and Sovos follow-ons.

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