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Facts and figures about Hg as at 31 March 2021.

Europe’s largest investor in software & services

c. $14 billion of software and services proceeds returned at 2.9x / 34% IRR.

25+ years of investing

230+ employees across London, Munich & New York

170+ total no. investments

~$70bn aggregate EV (as at 31 March 2020 PF)

$30bn+ funds under management

AA++ 2019 and 2020 UNPRI rating

Combined portfolio represents 2nd largest tech firm in Europe, with the fastest growth

$9.1bn total revenue of our companies

37 platform investments

50k+ portfolio employees

+9% no. of employees across the portfolio

+20% revenue growth across the portfolio*

+30% EBITDA growth across the portfolio*

*These figures represent the last 12 months (as at 31 March 2021) sales and EBITDA growth of the top 20 investments held by HgCapital Trust plc (HGT.L), calculated on a weighted basis, based on the respective gross valuations of the underlying investments. HGT, whose shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange, gives private and institutional investors the opportunity to participate in all Hg’s investments.

2021 investment activity

$4bn total deal EV

3 new platform investments

Last 10 yrs investment activity

$70bn+ total platform deal EV

73 platform investments across software & services

2nd most active Global IT investor in 2020

Pitchbook 2020 Annual Global League Tables

2021 investment activity

(Publicly disclosed transactions only since 1 January 2021 to 31 March 2021)

Access (ERP & Payroll, UK)

Investments: RESILIA Frontline Security, My School Portal, Acteol, Ezitracker, HAS Technology, Eazipay, CPL Learning, Sage Group.

Azets (Tax & Accounting, UK)

Investments: Roffe Swayne.

Evaluate (Healthcare IT, UK)

Investments: Bioscience Advisors.

FE Fundinfo (Capital Markets & Wealth Management IT, UK)

Investments: Center for Social and Sustainable Products AG (CSSP), CashCalc.

GGW (Insurance, Germany)

Investments: Gossler, Gobert & Wolters Gruppe.

Geomatikk (Tech Services, Nordics)

Investments: Keypro.

Howden Group Holdings (Insurance, UK)

Investments: A-Plan Group, ARTAI, Sturge Taylor.

Intelerad (Healthcare IT, Canada)

Investments: LUMEDX.

IRIS (Tax & Accounting, UK)

Investments: Staffology, Senta.

IT Relation (Tech Services, Nordics)

Investments: Emineo, Miracle42, Itadel, Cloud Teams, Progressive, Copenhagen Software.

Litera (Legal and Compliance, Us)

Investments: Foundation Software Group, DocsCorp, Clocktimizer.

Lyniate (Healthcare IT, North America)

Investments: Datica Integrate.

Medifox (Healthcare IT, Germany)

Investments: Töchter & Söhne Gesellschaft für digitale Helfer mbH.

Prophix (Tax & Accounting, North America)

Investments: Prophix (platform deal).

Septeo (Legal & Regulatory, France)

Investments: Modelo.

Sovos (Tax & Accounting, USA)

Investments: Fit Sistemas, Acepta.

TeamSystem (Tax & Accounting, Italy)

Investments: Software del Sol, Modefinance, Habble. (Tech Services, Benelux, Nordics, Southern Europe)

Investments: Enartia.

The Citation Group (Legal & Regulatory, UK)

Investments: ELAS.

Trackunit (Tech Services, Denmark)

Investments: Trackunit (platform deal).

Visma (Tax & Accounting, Nordics, Benelux, Poland)

Investments: Outstanding24, Brincr, TIMEmSYSTEM, Signom, Webtop Solutions AB, IT Minds, Temponizer, Ecare, Syneton, Viskan System AB.   

A decade of software and services transactions (as at 31 March 2021)

2021 ($4bn total EV)

TeamSystem / Trackunit / AUVESY

2020* ($36bn total EV)

Intelerad / smartTrade / Argus / P&I / Silverfin / F24 / Evaluate / Sovos / Visma / The Citation Group / Septeo / Howden / CaseWare / GenII / Prophix / Geomatikk / GGW / Benevity

2019 ($8bn total EV)

Transporeon / Litera / Visma /

2018 ($4.3bn total EV)

Access / IT Relation / Allocate / IRIS / Medifox / Rhapsody / FE

2017 ($7.1bn total EV)

fundinfo / Mitratech / Visma / Register (exited 2019) / Mobility Holding

2016 ($2.7bn total EV)

Kinapse (exited 2018) / Sovos / Citation / Trace One / raet (exited 2018) / STP / Commify / CogitalGroup / Evaluate

2015 ($1.0bn total EV)

A-Plan / Foundry (exited 2019) / Eucon / EidosMedia / Zitcom (exited 2017)

2014 ($4.0bn total EV)

Relay Software (exited 2016) / Ullink (exited 2017) / Sequel (exited 2017) / Visma / Allocate (exited 2018)

2013 ($1.5bn total EV)

e-conomic (exited 2017) / Radius (exited 2018) / Intelliflo (exited 2018) / Zenith (exited 2017) / P&I (exited 2016)

2012 ($300m total EV)

Noventic (exited 2017) / Parts Alliance (exited 2017) / Valueworks (exited 2017)

2011 ($1.3bn total EV)

ATC (exited 2013) / NetNames (exited 2016) / IRIS (exited 2018) / CSH (exited 2013)

2010 ($1.5bn total EV)

JLA (exited 2018) / Lumesse (exited 2018) / SimonsVoss (exited 2015) / Manx Telecom (exited 2014) / TeamSystem (exited 2016)

Includes all investments | 2019 EV include Visma follow-on. 2020 EV include Visma and Access follow-ons.

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