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2022 DI Report

The mission of the D&I Steering Group is to lay the foundations for a fully inclusive culture and environment at Hg, where all diversity is welcomed, encouraged and celebrated. We will not settle until everyone can bring their best and whole self to work.

At Hg…

We Listen.  We Learn.  We Champion. 

…because we want the best. 

“Diversity is 100% essential and possibly the top priority for our firm.”

Nic Humphries, Senior Partner and Executive Chair

Why is diversity and inclusion so important?

Hg believes that having a diverse workforce deepens our talent pool and brings us a wider range of perspectives. It manifests in how we navigate the business world, including the investment decisions we make.

Not only is it fundamentally the right thing to do, we have seen first-hand how diversity and inclusion (‘D&I’) creates a virtuous cycle: the more diverse and inclusive we are, the more each individual is able to add value. That translates to a greater impact for all stakeholders – investors, portfolio companies, employees and the communities in which we work and live.

D&I has always been important to Hg and in 2019 we began to formalise and communicate our D&I strategy, which included targets to better drive and measure progress. We still have some way to go, but Hg have been taking significant steps since to become a much more diverse and inclusive firm and we remain fully committed to driving change.

54% of Hg's Analyst & Associate cohort consists of ethnic minorities and women
44% of exec hires were female in 2021/22

Leading change: Hg’s D&I Steering Group

At the start of 2020 Hg established a D&I Steering Group led by Hg Partner, Martina Sanow. The group comprises a range of passionate individuals spanning different functions across the firm with one great commonality: they want to make Hg an even more diverse, equitable and inclusive place to work. The group drive forward global programmes that address support and inclusion for individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities and backgrounds.

The group are driving change through these programmes in many ways: by partnering with organisations such as SEO, Level20 and LGBT Great, by holding regular awareness events, hosting seminars and – crucially – by listening to what Hg employees have to say. In addition, Hg are partnering with inclusive recruitment firms, becoming more family-friendly and addressing issues such as unconscious bias. The Steering Group reports to the Board and senior leadership team on a quarterly basis.

“When starting at Hg, I was inspired by the team’s passion to begin the conversation and drive to create a truly inclusive culture. Not only was I celebrated, but I was also encouraged to share my own truth. This sense of belonging was a huge surprise in an industry not typically associated with inclusion and diversity.”

Wesley Dow, Hg Portfolio Team

Hg see three key areas that D&I contributes to the firm:


We will build Hg together living our values: Be Genuine. Outlearn. Go Beyond. Win Right. We believe these core values are our foundation – and directly contribute to why Hg has performed so well over the past 20 years. Today, it is what we expect and demand from each other every day. To live by these values, Hg must maintain an inclusive culture that encourages every individual to bring their whole self to their working life. Without that as an underpinning, the team cannot thrive, which is why we place so much importance in maintaining D&I across the firm.


Private equity investing within the tech sector is highly competitive; to maintain a leading position you must innovate on every front. As well as cultivating an inclusive environment, Hg needs to recruit, retain and advance a team of the best possible investment and operational talent from the broadest possible pool of candidates.  We also recognise the power of supporting that team with opportunities for advancement, leadership and more. We see D&I as integral in ensuring that we remain innovative and competitive.


Trust and collaboration are the foundation for strong relationships, the underpinning of our work – and success. Our investors entrust us with capital; portfolio company teams trust us to help them build exceptional organisations. Our team members rely on us to foster an environment where they are valued and can add value. Transparent, open exchange on all fronts, with all stakeholders, is the needed yet often missing fuel of a collaborative culture. Hg prides itself on promoting this. Our effort is continuous and intentional; the value is realised by all.

“Hg are tackling D&I in ways that are very authentic to our culture. We have been honest about the challenges and open to ideas both internally and externally. Then we try, learn, improve and, with concrete progress made, hold ourselves to ever higher standards.”

Zoe Zhao, Hg Investment Team

Hg works with diversity leaders across the globe


Discover ways Hg is championing D&I across the firm in the reel below:

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