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Hg Wealth provides alternative investment services to private investors, unlocking opportunities to invest in Europe’s largest portfolio of leading software and technology businesses. This service offers bespoke access to a suite of investment strategies managed by Hg.

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Hg is a leading software and services investor, focused on building champions and backing businesses that change how we all do business, through deep sector specialisation and dedicated operational support.

Hg’s objective is to pursue investment theses supporting long-term growth, leveraging its expertise working with software and services businesses to implement initiatives designed to maximise organic expansion, as well as through rolling up fragmented sectors, over typical hold periods of approximately five years or longer.

Hg has led over 170 investments in the software and services sector during the last 25 years. This focus means we have developed an institutional expertise and a deep understanding of the sectors and businesses in which we invest.

In 2022 a team within Hg has been established to open up investment opportunities to private investors.


software investor in Europe


largest software company in Europe (by combined EV)


largest PE firm in Europe (by capital raised in the past 5 years)

3.3x / 33%

IRR on all realised software and services investments


years of investment and 170+ investments made within the software and services sector

Responsible Investing

There’s always a purpose behind financial investments. What’s yours? Perhaps it’s performance. Or preserving your wealth for the next generation. Or maybe you want your investments to reflect your values. Whatever your purpose, responsible investing may hold the answer. Learn more


Your Hg Wealth Team

Hg Wealth is a dedicated team that sits within Hg, providing investment opportunities exclusively to individual clients and their wealth advisors, as well as family offices.


Katie Forbes
Inka Hering
Martina Sanow
Manja Schindler

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