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Founded in 1994, MediFox is a leading provider of software solutions to over 8,000 customers and almost 100,000 users. More than 70,000 residents in inpatient care facilities are cared for daily with MediFox and more than 1,100 customers trust their innovative software solution, MediFox Therapy. Its software solutions support care providers with key services including resource and route planning, care and support documentation, management information systems, as well as billing, factoring and administration services. It is headquartered in Hildesheim, Germany.

The investment recognised MediFox’s attractive business model characteristics, being a well-established player with a strong position in a fragmented sector,  showing a positive underlying growth trajectory whilst also having a ‘mission-critical’ product offering, a robust financial profile and a highly competent management team.

In 2020, MediFox merged with DAN to create MEDIFOX DAN. The companies have a 55-year history of setting new standards in product innovation and customer service across the care sector. The merger brings together deep software and industry expertise from both businesses, leading to a number of advantages for customers, employees and other stakeholders: including faster responsiveness to regulatory changes, higher service availability and quality and increased capacity for product innovation.


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