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Removing barriers to education & skills in technology

The Hg Foundation’s goal is to make an impact to the development of skills most required for employment within the technology industry, focusing on individuals who may otherwise experience barriers to access this education.


The Foundation aims to achieve this by providing funding and operational support to charitable schemes across the UK, US and Europe where measurable, long-term and scalable impact can be demonstrated to make a difference to those that need it most.  

Hg will support the Foundation, enabling access to a network of skills and expertise in technology, as well as a portfolio of technology companies, providing access to work experience and mentoring.

The Hg Foundation is a UK-registered charity. The Foundation acts independently of Hg and grant decisions will be made by the Board of Trustees.

The Foundation will be funded through a proportion of carried interest from current and future Hg funds, a proportion of Hg’s annual profits and also through charitable activities carried out across the firm. The Board of Trustees will closely monitor the impact of the Foundation’s projects to track and assess outcomes and impact of the schemes it supports. The Foundation’s ambition is to reach an average of over $5 million of annual commitments over the first ten years.

The Hg Foundation was launched in 2020 as an independent UK-registered charity.

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