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Hg’s online collaboration platform, Hive, connects thousands of executives across the Hg portfolio through multiple live communities.

By providing members with a space to share specialist knowledge, experience and expertise, Hive enables collaboration at scale across the entire Hg family and plays a central role in Hg’s value-add proposition to portfolio companies.

Enter Hive

Hg is a specialist investor of scale, investing only in software and service businesses.

This focus means we have a portfolio of companies that share similar characteristics, but differ in size and maturity.

This creates a natural environment for knowledge sharing.

As well as nurturing this environment physically through Hg’s forums and its network, Hg created Hive to maintain the collaboration effect digitally, all year round, 24/7, across geographies.

Whatever we’re doing, collaboration underpins our collective success.

We view all of our business management teams as a part of the Hg portfolio community. That means promoting a culture of working together to share ideas, experiences, advice and best-practice.

Senior executives across the Hg portfolio use Hive to discuss best practice across disciplines important to the success of their businesses and have access to best practice playbooks from world-class experts. This enables them to create clear differentiators in their markets.

‘In the hot seat with Hive’

Hg talks to functional experts & operators in the field to share their experiences when growing a business in tech space. Our guests have been in your shoes and knows what it takes to be successful.

We share a teaser below from our recent guests at the Hg Sales & Marketing forum, to name a few:

The Hive podcast is powered by Hg.

Want to join Hive and the Hg network?

Are you an expert in your field, able to share best practices, learnings and want to be part of the Hg network? Speak with Parker Rose Muir , our Hive Community & Content Manager.

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