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Leveraging Technology to drive Business Value

As seasoned ‘real world’ C level Technologists, we know what it takes to be successful in building and running Technology businesses. We have guided many organisations in their evolution from small to large and recognise how to balance the continued need for entrepreneurialism and innovation with process and controls. This ‘balance’ shifts as an organisation matures and grows. We are able to recognise these signs and assist in how to plan and prepare in advance for a smooth transition and continued, efficient progress.

We understand the everyday conditions that Technology leaders operate within, including the pressures and demands that they face and the opportunities that they can generate/respond to.  Our ‘in-house’ team of experts have many years of experience fulfilling the roles of CIO, CTO and CISO. As such we are able to impart practical and pragmatic guidance, advice and support.

Our unique approach to partnering with our portfolio businesses, to share know-how and challenge traditional ways of working, sets us apart. In this way we’ve developed successful strategies and solutions to encourage your ambitious growth, covering all elements required to setup and operate successful Technology functions that are connected to the Business and Customers.

So, whether you’re thinking about how you can migrate your ‘on-premise’ infrastructure to the Cloud,

Or how to leverage modern Product/Platform architectures, integration, tooling and working practices,

Or perhaps battling with cybersecurity,

We can help.

We like to view ourselves not just as Technology oriented investors, but as Technology Oriented Investors AND enablers. We draw upon our expertise at all stages of the deal lifecycle – from origination, technology due diligence, ownership and through to eventual value realisation – the Hg technology team contribute in all aspects.

We are firm believers in enabling the ‘Power of the Portfolio’ and we do so by surfacing and sharing best practices from across the portfolio, and the wider technology industry based on our real-world experience.  If you are part of the Hg Technology and Systems community, we will collectively help you succeed.

The right person for the job

Citation provides professional support to over 18,000 clients, across a range of specialist areas, including HR and employment law, health & safety and ISO accreditation.

When the Senior IT Leader moved on from Citation, we were invited to work with the Executive Team, utilising this as an opportunity to restructure and reshape the nature of how IT and the wider business worked together. We started by spending time with the interim IT leader and other business executives.  After a careful and considered assessment we worked collaboratively to set out a completely new CIO position and profile. Importantly, this was established, from the outset, as aligned to current and emerging industry best practice, working as an integrated part of the wider business and not running IT in isolation.

Finally, we supported them during the interview process, helping to recruit the right candidate to this new CIO role, as well as providing initial ‘on-boarding support’, to ensure success.

“When it comes to the world of IT and particularly the jargon, Hg proved invaluable in helping us navigate through what we did and did not need in a CIO. Due to their pragmatic and straight talking approach they helped us to recruit a great CIO who is a perfect fit for our business – and I for one have learned a whole more about the value add of IT along the way”

Linda Jodrell, HR Director, Citation

The Hg Cybersecurity Minimum Standard

The 2017 Hg CTO Forum saw cybersecurity feature as a major area of focus. Following this event we decided to set out the ‘Hg Cybersecurity Minimum Standard’. This guides existing and new portfolio businesses in all areas of cybersecurity, as well as helping them to adopt a program of actions designed to reduce risk and prepare them for cyber incidents, in the future.

A group of twenty two CTO/CIO/CISOs from around the portfolio companies volunteered their time and experience to work with us in setting out this standard. We drew on their experiences as well as a combination of advice and guidance from recognised cybersecurity industry standards and best practices, and input from our own operations and innovation systems team.

The use of this minimum standard will not only reduce risk within their individual business but, through collaboration, better prepare the whole portfolio for managing cybersecurity.

“The cross-group initiative to define and implement a Cybersecurity policy has been a constructive, demanding and collaborative effort which drove strengthening of the security posture across the group. A valuable addition was the central partner solution negotiations which opened up opportunities for each of the companies”

Edwin Heidelberg, Director of Risk Management & ICT, Lumesse

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