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Successfully generating leads through digital channels

Customer buying behaviour is changing.  Digital technology offers consumers new ways to manage their own buying activity. Whilst the most successful businesses recognise the marketing function is pivotal in adopting these new selling tactics, and growing revenue as a result, the skills required fall outside of traditional marketing disciplines.

We can help you get your digital lead generation right.  From establishing rigorous ROI measurement of marketing activity (before scaling up digital spend) through to harnessing data science to understand where the best sales leads come from.  Stepping up inbound marketing activity and rolling out automation platforms, through to upgrading your web and digital presence.  Whatever your needs, you can trust our deep experience of supporting organisations through this digital transition.  We’ll work with you to agree objectives and measures, to extend skills and expertise, as well as setting out the best tactics to harness digital demand and succeed with developing marketing technology.

Using data science to score leads and grow sales

JLA is a market-leading supplier of commercial laundry equipment, catering equipment and commercial heating solutions.

Although enquiries at JLA were generated by an outbound telemarketing call-centre, it was hard to establish the value of each lead and priorities for outbound calls. A large team of telemarketing specialists spent considerable time working through scheduled calls to the target list, with only statistical insight to guide them in terms of call frequency, topic or targeting.

We put in place a programme of ways that JLA could use data science to better prioritise and understand which leads to focus on.  This was based on our experience of working with similar organisations and addressed questions such as: how many times should you call one contact, about what topics and whether the conversations should change over several calls. The objective was to put this into practice by mathematically ‘scoring’ the priority of each lead to deliver rapid, sales-revenue growth.

Over a period of one month our experts partnered with the Chief Marketing Officer, and his team, to build a ‘data cube’. This joined up information, previously ‘scattered’ around the organisation, into a single source. This then enabled a series of statistical algorithms to be applied to determine the best way to prioritise the leads.

JLA has already seen big results.  As well as identifying a number of new marketing campaigns, the improved lead-scoring means the enquiries going through are more likely to convert to a sale.  JLA anticipates in excess of 200 new orders per year, as a result of this.  That’s the equivalent of their having five more sales agents, under the old system.

Delivering 75% more digital leads from the website in six months

UK-based Citation helps small and medium-sized business with HR and Health & Safety support and expertise.

For more than twenty years Citation has grown its business through traditional telemarketing lead generation.  They wanted to make sure they were getting the most from modern digital techniques, including understanding cost-effective ways to complement existing, expensive, telemarketing and ideas for inbound marketing activity.

Using digital benchmarking – where we studied best practice against what was in place – we identified a website upgrade, as a key opportunity. This needed to tackle both functionality and the way it communicated to different target audiences.

We partnered with the Chief Marketing Officer, bringing in a range of specialist expertise, to drive this process and implement the changes needed.  To help them move from communicating to all audiences in the same way, our customer insight specialist researched buying motivations, at a customer segment level.  We also provided a short-list of trusted website agencies and developed an online ROI calculator to help drive conversion.

The whole project took three months and cost under £50k, yet the positive results were dramatic. In less than six months the new website had generated 75% more digital leads than the old one, growing overall lead generation by more than ten per cent.  Rigorous measurement of the ways people use the website, as well as conversion rates and an ongoing programme of website optimisation, continue this process.

Measuring Success

Having agreed ways to measure your success and business growth are important.  We believe the most successful organisations measure and manage their performance against the following operational metrics:

  • Lead growth of 10%, and accelerating
  • Conversion rates across the funnel measured, by channel
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV) measured by segment and channel
  • CAC measured, by channel, to drive it below <1/3 of LTV
  • Closed loop reporting, to measure marketing ROI, by channel
  • 50%+ of marketing spend is digital

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