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Growth through strategic mergers and acquisitions

We’re committed to stretching you beyond what you think you can achieve.  Sometimes that means looking at ways to grow your business, outside of your core work.  Through merging with and acquiring strategically relevant and advantageous businesses.

We partner with management teams throughout the M&A lifecycle, sharing our know-how and experience of sourcing, building an M&A team, completing due diligence and deal execution, all the way through to support with integration and blended processes, once the deal is done.

International expansion through acquisition

Sovos Compliance is a global provider of compliance software solutions, managing all aspects of both the tax compliance process and business-to-government reporting.

When we invested in Sovos in 2016, we saw an opportunity to help them grow their product offering beyond their almost exclusively US-based market.  By acquiring a presence in the Latin American market, which has mandated some of the most sophisticated and detailed business-to-government reporting regimes as these governments seek to better audit and capture tax due from businesses, we felt it would present an opportunity for significant, international growth, with cross-selling across a multi-national customer base.

Since this point we have helped Sovos to acquire two leading software providers, including the leading Latin American platform. Our team, supported Sovos management in completing detailed due diligence on each of the companies, as well as helping to negotiate and close the deals.

But our work isn’t ended here. As Sovos continues to expand, globally, we are still working with them to seek out additional target opportunties in Europe, the US and in Latin America.

“Expansion into Latin America is a cornerstone of our global growth strategy. The governments in the region are the most advanced in the world at implementing and requiring companies to implement technology to ensure proper collection of taxes. Their schemas have been highly effective, and we are seeing them spread across the world. Hg Capital provided tremendous support enabling Sovos to study the markets and their growth potential, evaluate targets, and execute on the acquisition of the two leading players in Latin America.”

John Gledhill, Director of M&A, Sovos

Forming the largest independent vehicle leasing business in the UK

We started working with the management and shareholders of both Zenith and Leasedrive in 2012, acquiring Leasedrive at the end of 2013 and Zenith in 2014. By merging the two companies, in March 2014, we formed the largest independent vehicle leasing businesses in the UK.

We worked side-by-side with the management team, at every step. We partnered with the leadership team, to set out a comprehensive integration plan, drawing on our experience of this type of work to ensure a smooth transition as well as a seamless alignment across the new management teams and board. In fact, the integration was so successful that it was completed ahead of schedule with 100% customer retention.

“Establishing a partnership with HgCapital’s portfolio team from a very early stage enabled real alignment in our vision and approach to delivering a successful integration.”

Tim Buchan, CEO, Zenith Leasedrive

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