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Hg sponsored the opening day of PEI’s Women in Private Equity Forum in 2020. This annual event brings together women from across the PE universe and has often held round tables and discussions on the topic of gender diversity in the industry.

This year, Hg ran a Diversity Workshop hosted by our own Martina Sanow and Elizabeth Wallace and lead by Dorett Jones and Pamela Jones of Genesis Consultancy, whose work helps to dismantle and rebuild corporate processes and systems to embed equality and diversity into the organisational design of institutions and businesses .

A crackling discussion attempted to help attendees examine the diversity efforts in their own workplaces: what do we talk about when we talk about diversity? When the focus is on gender, there are often blind spots which can leave other forms of inclusion unaddressed.

“We were pleased to lead Hg's workshop and engage with the women of private equity who contributed in discussions of what equality and women mean. With an industry that remains woefully behind on equality and difference, it is encouraging to work with an organisation willing to bring these conversations to the forefront. We recognise Hg’s willingness to collaborate with specialists to expand learning on equality and provide spaces for themselves and others to implement this vital work.”

Pamela Jones and Dorett Jones

Genesis Consultancy

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