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Technology and software companies often start life as a product, but the transition from a one-product start-up to a functional business is a transformational and often hazardous step.

The role of the Chief Product Officer is critical in facilitating this evolution and becomes even more important as a business scales.

As well as being responsible for the product strategy, they also join the dots between this strategy and the wider business – and can therefore ultimately be responsible for the health, sustainable value and success of the business.

At Hg’s first ever Product Forum, Didier Bench and Eamon Rivers brought over 100 execs from across the portfolio together with speakers like Bernhard Hecker of, Crispin Read of Shmumble, Kirk Sadler of Mitratech, Liza Collin and Tobias Hareide of Visma, JF Sullivan of IRIS, Liz Love of ProdPad, Georges Smine of Salesforce, Luc Behar of Jools and Neil Ballinger of Nimbletank. All discussing the current state of product marketing and product management in software businesses.

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