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Hg’s Data Analytics Forum, hosted by Christopher Kindt & Amr Ellabban of Hg’s Data Analytics Team, focused on practical advice and case studies on driving ‘data enablement’ and deploying AI to deliver value.

The level of sophistication in data science across the Hg portfolio has accelerated sharply in the last few years as Hg companies start to harness the power of cloud data platforms.

The forum brought together over 100 individuals from data teams across the Hg portfolio to discuss how best to deploy AI and Data Science to generate business impact.

The group shared their lessons learnt and top tips in what continues to be a pioneering field. Particular thanks to Phil Wilding, Felicity Nyan, Paul Blanchard, Claudio Corbetta and Jon Moser, as well as everyone who participated today.

Four key takeaways:

  • Start with the business objectives: set the target goals, define KPIs, commit to operational change. Avoid ‘data for data’s sake’.
  • Partner with the business: to maximise the operational impact the business needs to co-own the project. Avoid the silo.
  • Start small, experiment and iterate: bumps along the road are inevitable. Remain agile. Start with a quick win to build excitement. Avoid the ‘big bang’.
  • Think outside the box: the business objectives should be at the core, yes. But don’t lose the creativity to explore new data ideas and innovate.

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