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This year our Growth Team hosted over 300 executives from the Hg portfolio to discuss how 2020 is set to change best-practice across the Growth disciplines within software and tech businesses.

Jolanta Pilecka, Operating Partner on Hg’s Growth team, shares her highlights from the session:

Andrew Grill, Practical Futurist, discussed ‘New rules for selling through the screen’ and spoke about the acceleration of change and the fast adoption of digital – a trend set to continue post-Covid. Andrew calls for focus on improving digital first-impressions for both companies and individuals – with attention needed to optimise digital profiles such as LinkedIn. Leading with content and influencing vs digital ads was a key takeaway for many of our marketing execs, with plenty of practical tips offered on how to make it happen, fast!

Nigel Barlow, Innovation Speaker & Business Rocker, homed in on the need for continued innovation. He shared his methods to maintain ‘Garage Thinking’ and his very practical Innovation toolkit, starting with developing a beginner’s mindset, curiosity and acknowledging that all can be done online. His suggests that the key is to be able to ‘break out of the box’ and reframe the crisis for your advantage. Have you found your beautiful question, yet, to think differently?

“Have you found your beautiful question, yet, to think differently?”

Our own David Toms, Director of Research at Hg, focused on ‘2 years in 2 months’ and gave practical examples of how software (in particular, Hg portfolio software) is helping in a Covid world. Whether it is Allocate supporting the UK’s Nightingale Hospitals to be fully operational in just a few days, payroll software ensuring that people get paid under fast changing regulations, or e-invoicing enabling businesses to get cash flowing fast. The bottom line is that well implemented cloud software enables almost infinite, instantaneous supply – at the touch of a button.

Robert Wright, Partner at Firebrick and Philip Lay, Senior Advisor at Chasm Group delivered an interactive double act on ‘Six Imperatives’ that should greatly assist with reshaping business focus post-crisis. While the foundation remains the same, some business processes broken by the pandemic need fixing, starting with the customer ‘leaky pipe’. Have you already considered how to make your buyer a ‘new hero’?

“Have you already considered how to make your buyer a ‘new hero’?”

And who better to close the event than Rory Sutherland, TED Global Speaker & Vice Chair, Ogilvy UK with thought-provoking advice on how to ‘Re-write the rules to win the game’. In his usual passionate style, Rory eloquently questioned our foundation for data driven, analytical thinking by simply stating that just because something makes sense, doesn’t mean it’s true. To my personal delight, Rory has elevated the role of marketing to an entirely new level. Would you agree that most economic problems are marketing problems in disguise? I certainly do.

The session went at a fast pace and left plenty of appetite to continue our discussions on Hg’s online platform: Hive.

As always very valuable insights were shared across the portfolio which will lead to future growth and value creation. Thanks to everyone who collaborated and discussed how to play the same Growth game when rules have changed – we look forward to reflecting on this in our next session.

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