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Data is the fuel in our modern machinery
Jason Richards

Today’s data capabilities have revolutionised modern business. What data you have, whether it be from internal systems or external sources, and what you do with it, can dictate the highest decision making processes at a company. Whether it’s advanced analytics/operational intelligence, utilising Machine Learning, training AI or knowing about and responding to your customers at a level of detail never previously possible, data enables differentiation from the competition.

Throughout history technology has been an enabler, and this is certainly the case in this example. The days of data capabilities being an exclusive arena for major enterprises have gone. Small and Medium businesses can now use comparable services with great effect – using a variety of cloud based, quick start solutions, readily available and affordable. This accessibility is going to make it not only an advantage to be leveraging data, but a necessity to compete at every level in business.

At the 2018 CTO/CIO Forum, hosted by Hg, leaders from some of the world’s leading tech companies discussed and showcased how this phenomenon is revolutionising their own/ clients’ businesses.

Attended by Hg’s network of influencers, the interactive nature of the day and the session ‘speaker panels’ gave debate to how this technological revolution is playing out.

This comprised:

  • Why Customer Obsession and Innovation are foundational principles for Amazon AWS;
  • Why Splunk’s ‘Machine data’ is growing at an exponential rate and can provide advantages beyond that of traditional business data alone;
  • Why Sophos’, own Cybersecurity posture has been radically enhanced through the utilisation of ‘Data-Driven Defences’ and how their Cloud Operations have evolved;
  • The Deloitte perspective on opportunities to disrupt utilising BlockChain;
  • How Inasight have enabled organisations to embrace the journey to the cloud for both IaaS and PaaS platforms (Robin Meehan wrote a blog on the event) and;
  • Gainsight’s importance of understanding, embracing and adapting to ‘The Age of the Customer’.

These sessions were further re-enforced with excellent ‘case studies’ presented by CTO/CIO’s from within our own portfolio companies.

The discussion doesn’t end here.  The group identified over ten ‘working group’ opportunities that will be initiated during the year ahead, furthering the opportunity to work and collaborate across Hg’s portfolio and beyond.

Indeed, as the technology rapidly evolves, we believe having a network to discuss new capabilities is a step in the right direction to optimise its opportunities and avoid its risks.

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