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This annual event, one of our most keenly attended, is a chance for the leaders of every company in the Hg family to meet, network, share ideas & experiences and to hear talks and discussions from experts and peers.

We covered a lot of interesting topics:

  • Market trends with our Director of Research, David Toms;
  • SaaS transition work with Dr Sati Sian and Carl Shuker, CEO of A-Plan;
  • A fascinating look at the global economic with Luigi Buttiglione;
  • A round table on preparing a company for exit; and
  • Building high-performance teams with Richard Plugge, the CEO of Team Jumbo-Visma, the Dutch Cycling and Speed Skating squad who have had a transformational year.

During the day we also managed to sit down with Andy Bamford of BrandPointZero, whose focus is the ways employee engagement can generate a true competitive edge.

Thanks to everyone who attended and remember:

  • An engaged workforce gives you a competitive edge that cannot be emulated.
  • Employee engagement is not an outcome, it’s a psychological state.
  • Ensure that your team feels ownership and pride in your mission and they will go the extra mile for you.
  • Immediately halt plans for a company song!

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