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Metrics are the key that unlocks premium performance (and premium valuation)

David Critchley

Today’s market means that high quality companies can achieve high quality transaction multiples. With the advent of big data, mobile workforces and constantly evolving competitive landscapes, the CFO’s role in producing and monitoring the metrics to support and sustain high performance is more critical than ever.

At the 2018 CFO forum we explored how the CFO can move past the traditional reporting responsibilities and drive material improvements in company value.

Attended by Hg’s network of CFOs, the interactive nature of the day and the ‘speaker panels’ underpinned a strong day of best practice sharing amongst our CFO community.

This comprised:

  • Review of best practice metrics from across the portfolio
  • Zuora CFO Tyler’s Sloat’s view of how the CFO can drive forward company performance
  • What best practice exit preparation looks like
  • How our CFOs have grown value across the portfolio over the past 12 months
  • Bespoke review of regulatory developments impacting our companies from Deloitte

These sessions were further re-enforced with excellent ‘case studies’ presented by CFOs from within our own portfolio companies.

The discussion doesn’t end here.  The group identified ‘working group’ opportunities that will be initiated during the year ahead, furthering the opportunity to work and collaborate across Hg’s portfolio and beyond.

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