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SLV is an example of our expertise in working with German ‘Mittelstand’ companies. We became involved with SLV when the founder stepped down from the business. Our experience in working with businesses like this meant we were able to establish a quick rapport, demonstrating that we understood their business, winning their trust and helping them to fulfill their growth potential, at home and internationally.

When we started working with lighting provider, SLV, in 2006, we were able to see a number of strengths and opportunities for growth. We identified potential competitive advantages in development, sourcing, supplier partnerships, logistics and distribution, as well as a considerable value behind SLV’s strong brand and track-record for offering high-quality products at attractive prices, with leading levels of service.

Our job was to help SLV’s management harness the business’ potential, using our experience from doing the same with other Mittelstand businesses. We helped them gain control over marketing and sales, in important international markets, by acquiring majority holdings in crucial distributors; we aided the development of a strategy for entry into a number of new European markets and the US; and we underpinned this expansion by helping SLV to invest in warehouse space and equipment, to increase efficiency, as well as hiring an experienced CFO, to improve reporting and control processes.

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