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Headquartered in The Netherlands, SiTel supplies integrated circuits and software for short-range wireless communications applications. We acquired an 81% share in 2005 and started working with management to establish a way of working that would support continued growth.

A global leader in the cordless phone, gaming, broadband and headset markets, SiTel has a growing presence in Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony and Ultra Low Power (ULP) solutions for medical and home sensor networks.

When we started working with SiTel we identified that there were two areas for improvement, if the business was to achieve its potential. First, there was a need to improve its internal, operational infrastructure, including implementing a resource planning system, covering supply chain, fabrication and procurement relationships, that had previously been managed by the parent organisation. Second, we wanted to support management’s increased R&D efforts to grow the existing product lines and to identify new growth opportunities.

Over the next five years we helped SiTel to increase R&D spend from 15% to 20%; to acquire personnel with radio frequency design expertise from Atmel; and to develop new product lines in VoIP and ULP. This enabled the business to diversify its revenue base, positioning the business as a short-range wireless communications solution provider, thereby weathering the storm of wider industry consolidation.

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