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SHL drives improved business results, for its clients, by providing better intelligence about their people – from recruiting to employee development and succession planning. We worked in partnership with management to produce a stronger, more attractive and more valuable business.

The SHL Group provides behavioural and ability assessments and tools and services to enterprises and governments globally. It carries out more than 25 million assessments per year, in 150 countries and 30 languages, for over 10,000 clients. Its solutions include over 1,000 assessments delivered by Software-as-a-Service based solutions, PC, paper-and-pencil and face-to-face.

Having identified opportunities for growth we worked with management to help them focus on web-based products, investing in technology and implementing a best-in-class sales process. We also increased their focus on operating efficiency, including selling-off non-core assets, introducing strategic business planning, implementing a cost reduction exercise and recruiting a new Chairman, CEO, Sales Director, Chief

Commercial Officer and Chief Technology Officer. We worked with them on their international expansion plan, undertaking an acquisition market-mapping and pricing study, leading to a merger with PreVisor, a leading provider of on-demand employment assessments in the North American market. This gave SHL improved access to the North American market as well as access to a new set of complementary products.

SHL was sold to a listed US trade buyer, The Corporate Executive Board Company in July 2012, for $660 million returning 3.1x original cost and a gross IRR of 26% p.a.

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