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About Orion Health

Founded in 1993, Orion Health (‘Orion’) is an award-winning, global provider of healthcare IT advancing population health and precision medicine solutions for personalised care across the entire health community.

The mission of Orion is to revolutionise healthcare by removing waste and inefficiency while empowering clinicians and caregivers with the right information so every individual receives the perfect care for them.

With a head office in Auckland, New Zealand, Orion employs more than 1,200 people in 25 offices across 15 countries. Their solutions are used in more than 30 countries to facilitate healthcare for more than 100 million patients.

Managing and improving the health of a population means providing optimal care for every individual.

Orion delivers an end-to-end Healthier Populations (‘HP’) solution with seamless data integration and visualisation.

At the core of HP is Orion’s massively scalable Amadeus platform, which integrates and aggregates all types of health data to ensure that clinicians have access to a complete patient record and can make quality decisions based on all the relevant information.

Built on open technology with the capability to connect easily with external applications, Amadeus enables you to analyse vast data sets to identify at-risk patients and those in need of proactive intervention. Not only is the process of data integration greatly simplified, but the resulting patient records are presented through an intuitive user interface – carefully designed to make it easy for clinicians to navigate and make sense of large volumes of information.

Clinicians can manage clinical workflow and take the actions necessary to achieve optimal patient outcomes including enrollment in care plans and highly configurable healthcare pathways; and coordinate care with a multidisciplinary team across varied care settings.

Patient engagement is a critical step in population health management. Orion Health’s portal and mobile applications are designed to encourage patient participation and assist them to be actively involved in their own health.

From the collection of data, to comprehensive analytics and measurement tools, care management and patient engagement – Orion Health’s Healthier Populations will provide you with one single solution to future proof you for all your Population Health Management needs.

Case study:
The right information where & when it’s needed for over a million people in the South Island

The Challenge

The destructive New Zealand earthquakes of 2011 damaged every one of Canterbury District Health Board’s 200 buildings. Not only were more than 14,000 rooms damaged and many General Practices and pharmacies severely disrupted, but there was also widespread loss of records so, when a displaced population signed up with a new GP, some did so without any medical history.

The challenge was to enable shared access to patient records across all services, including GP, pharmacy and community nursing:

  • Collect patient data from all care providers and make the data visible in a single shared patient record;
  • Provide access to patient data at the point of care for multiple providers, aimed at providing better, more integrated care.

The Solution

An electronic shared care record view, HealthOne, was commissioned by an alliance between Canterbury DHB, Pegasus Health, and Orion Health.

HealthOne centralises data from GPs, community pharmacies, and community care and integrates with Orion’s Health Connect South, a web-based EMR portal which provides a unified view of the complete patient record in hospitals across the South Island. These combine to enable clinicians to view and contribute towards a single shared electronic record.

HealthOne is New Zealand’s first example of a fully integrated care platform. Emergency services, private hospitals, community nursing providers and pharmacies all have access to the patient record and this facilitates timely, informed and safe decision-making.

The rollout began in February 2012 and, originally implemented in Canterbury, HealthOne has been extended to the rest of the South Island.

As of January 2017, more than 80 million pieces of patient data are contained within HealthOne, with more than 1.7 million new items added every month. The system is accessed more than 75,000 times per month.

HealthOne represents a significant stride towards achieving the Government’s goal of an integrated health system, confirming the patient at the centre of care and saving time, making better use of resources and improving the quality of care.

"This investment provides Orion Health with a tremendous opportunity to deliver on our vision for customers, our people and for the healthcare sector. I believe that Hg is the right partner to support our vision for Population Health."

Ian McCrae

Founder and CEO, Orion Health

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