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Epyx’s services enable customers and suppliers in the vehicle contract hire and leasing sector to reduce costs and increase efficiency across multiple business processes. We identified Epyx as a business with high levels of recurring revenue and attractive top-line growth.

Connecting over 60 of the UK’s largest vehicle fleet operators and 9,000+ suppliers of critical services to these fleets, in their marketplace, Epyx’s applications are embedded in its customers’ business processes, offering a low-cost and highly reliable method of administering the servicing, relicensing, hire and disposal of fleet vehicles.

Epyx uses its high level of cash generation to invest continually in growth. It provides customers with a stream of innovative products, and continues to invest in development and sales resources to win new business

We invested in Epyx in 2009 and supported management in reinvesting a significant portion of profits, in order to optimise the business’s long-run balance of revenue growth and profitability.

During the four-years that we partnered with Epyx, it continued to deliver strong organic growth, with revenue and EBITDA CAGR of 14% and 18% respectively.

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