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CSH has a strong reputation for providing accounting software for SMEs, ticketing software, software modernisation, and compliance. We were instrumental in supporting the new management to establish CSH as a strong, independent company, and in driving long-term revenue and profit improvement.

With 23 offices across the UK, 30,000 customers and around 700 employees across the group, CSH provides mission critical software to niche vertical markets. A significant proportion of revenue is contractually recurring and the majority of new sales are to the installed customer base.

We acquired CSH, as part of its purchase of Iris Software Group in 2011, from Hellman & Friedman, a US private equity house. We decided to separate the two companies and adopt a different business strategy with a greater level of management focus.  This included introducing a new, dedicated CEO and senior management team. They were focused on the growth of high quality, subscription revenues, from CSH’s hosted product offering – thereby responding to customers, increasingly, seeking to move their applications online.

Since this point CSH has seen a strong increase in orders, client satisfaction and retention rates leading to a higher quality revenue base and improved margins.

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