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Working with corporations, financial institutions and fund managers, across the globe, ATC sets up and maintains corporate structures that allow the efficient intra-group movement of cash and/or balance sheet management.  We supported management as they sought to build the size and expertise of ATC’s sales teams.

Corporate structures typically last for seven to ten years and need to comply with legal, accounting and tax regulations in multiple jurisdictions, a complex task for clients to manage themselves. ATC uses functional expertise and economies of scale to provide these services at a fraction of the cost of in-house provision.

ATC had been independent since 1893 and we were its first external investor. We worked in partnership with ATC’s management team to launch a number of programmes including leadership assessment and development and sales effectiveness, as well as initiating a sales force reorganisation.

A strong HR function has, also, been developed alongside the recruitment of a new Chairman. This allowed a further project to be completed, further strengthening ATC’s compliance function.

2012 saw ATC deliver double-digit revenue and EBITDA growth against the prior year. In June 2013, Hg sold ATC to Intertrust for €303 million.

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