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A-Plan Group How LDS works in practice

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A case study on how Hg has helped A-Plan Group to develop its data science and AI capabilities.

The A-Plan Group has been providing a personalised service to over 700,000 clients since the early 1960s. With over 50 years of delivering excellence and professionalism in the field of insurance, A-Plan have continued to expand while maintaining our exceptionally high client standards – with 90+ branches around the UK and over 1,200 staff to serve our growing client base today.

Since 2015, Hg has worked with A-Plan to roll out data science technology across the Group.

As a result, A-Plan’s exceptional client care model is now supported by data and digital capabilities, as well becoming core to how the business operates. It is also a core strategic capability for the future.

How LDS works in practice

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