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Zitcom is the leading provider of SME hosting services in Denmark. Co-founded by CEO Stefan Rosenlund in 2000, Zitcom provides cloud services to more than 100,000 businesses and private customers in Denmark.

We partnered with Zitcom and Stefan in December 2015, investing in the business and immediately acquiring one of their largest competitors, ScanNet, to create a clear Danish national champion. Working closely with Stefan, Ole Jensen (CTO) and Claus Brandstrup (CFO) we supported the company to rapidly integrate the two businesses and make three further acquisitions over the following 18 months. Over that period revenues and customer numbers more than doubled, profits almost tripled and the business reported best in class customer satisfaction and record margins.

We exited our investment in June 2017 to Intelligent, a Belgian headquartered hosting business. The investment returned a 3.3x investment multiple and 145% IRR.


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