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The Noventic group of companies are on the forefront in shaping the climate control and heating services landscape.

Hg partnered with QUNDIS in 2012. The company supplied a full data management solution for the housing and utilities industries to collect, measure, and transmit consumption-dependent data for heating and water usage on an apartment unit level. This solution comprised a comprehensive range of sub-metering devices as well as remote data transmission technology including a cloud solution and data management software.

QUNDIS moved to a state-of-the-art production site and invested heavily into its hardware and software technology. Following QUNDIS’ rapid growth and international expansion Hg agreed to the sale of the company in 2017, maintaining a minority stake until 2021 to follow the next development phase of QUNDIS, as part of Noventic, in combination with the Kalorimeta group of companies.


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