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Eucon is a leading provider of automotive parts pricing data and services to vehicle and parts manufacturers globally. The business is also a leading digitalisation partner for insurance and real estate companies supporting clients in the digitalization and automation of processes to reduce claims costs, cycle times and increase customer satisfaction.

Hg partnered with Eucon in 2015 to help accelerate growth within the business, thereby building on Eucon’s strong position in automotive data and investing in the highly automated digital services business. The automotive sector is very familiar to Hg from previous investments (Epyx, Parts Alliance, Zenith, SFC Koenig) as well as the insurance sector (Sequel, Relay, A-Plan).

In 2020, Eucon was sold to VHV Group, a leading German insurance group.

“It has been a real privilege to work with Sven, the founders and entire team at Eucon. Today we part ways after five very productive years of working together. Eucon’s business sits at the intersection of two growth drivers in which Hg has built substantial experience: the value of big data in the automotive sector and the increasing digitalisation of the insurance and real estate industry – and together we have built a great business in these areas.

We are delighted that the team will be able to continue this journey with VHV, a true leader in insurance across Germany. We’re also pleased to see the strength of our networks and our track record continue to drive value in small and medium enterprises across Germany.”

Benedikt Joeris, Director at Hg


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